Amy Pence


If for 500 lives
I shall be reborn
a fox, then maybe
I’ve stuck it
to causation.

I held still enough
to hear the deer
with grief.

I was lost enough
to un-find you.
That martini
was not my undoing,

it was later— we
walked among fireflies
carrying our Dairy
Queens when I knew

I would never inhabit
you again.

amy pence

Amy Pence authored the poetry collections Armor, Amour (Ninebark Press, 2012) and The Decadent Lovely (Main Street Rag, 2010).  She’s also published fiction, book reviews, interviews and essays in Silk Road, The Conversant, The Rumpus, Colorado Review, The Writer’s Chronicle, and Poets & Writers, among others.  She recently  won the Claire Keyes Poetry Award from Soundings East. For more information, visit