The Canopic Jar Suites are theme-based collections of poetry and other artistic renderings. The themes are open to liberal and organic interpretation — wherever the artist takes them or they take the artist. While our emphasis tends to be literary, we encourage submissions of any genre or media that can be transmitted electronically. Poetry, prose, photographs, drawings, audio, video — artist’s choice. We  post contributions as they are accepted by the editors, so the suites are built gradually and shared as they are progressing. The submission window is perpetually open — if the suite heading appears on this page, we are still accepting submissions.

Guidelines: Please send submissions or inquiries to with “Canopic Jar Suite” in the subject line.  Writing can be within the email or in an attachment (Word doc preferred). If you have any questions, please send us a note.


   ■  The Education Suite 

presidential-seal-2    ■  The Presidential Suite 

1387401     ■  Suite: Film 

     ■  Suite: Generation 

train1      ■  Suite: On the Train 

grandma billings 2      ■  Suite: Home Place 

high5      ■  Suite: High Ridin’ Woman