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If you are needing assistance with writing, research, or any other editorial service not covered below, contact us at We offer a full-range of free-lance services, and we do our best to work within even the tightest budget.


The Ross House Press offers 35 years of professional editing experience. We seek to accentuate and refine your writing while maintaining your style and voice. This includes using one of the following levels of editing, depending on the request or need:

  1. Line Editing: Basic proofreading for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and word usage. Minimal rewriting for the sake of efficiency of prose as opposed to stylistic choices.
  2. Copy Editing: Line editing plus checking the manuscript for clarity and flow. This may include suggestions for revisions for the sake of efficiency of prose as opposed to stylistic choices.
  3. Content Editing: A thorough professional reading of the manuscript for inconsistent character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances, and readability. Content editing includes verifying that the language matches the target audience, the dialogue is believable, and the plotline is plausible.

Interior Design & Typesetting

We take the aesthetics of book design seriously. As an artisan with over 30 years in the book publishing business, our chief designer has seen the art of bookmaking devolve from carefully crafted designs intended to accentuate the literature to one-size-fits-all digital templates—the latter being an insult to the senses. These changes are a result of new technology that produces finished books quickly and easily with little regard for interior design, which is especially apparent in most self-published titles. Ross House is dedicated to publishing well-designed books while still charging less than the services using digital templates.

The design elements include font selection, header and footers, and graphic embellishments, but we also focus on the subtle elements. White space, margins, placement of blank pages, and the inclusion of half-titles are just some of the old-school techniques we bring to our books.

Our typesetting process meticulously ensures that the text flows smoothly, and widows and orphans will not be found in our finished books.

Cover Design

A book’s cover is its marketing vanguard. At Ross House we work with a network of artists and sources in order to produce cover art that not only represents the literature and the author but speaks clearly to the potential reader.

eBook Formatting

Unlike printed books, eBooks do not contain “design” elements as such — but they must still be expertly formatted in order to be properly displayed. Most online services offering to convert a print book to an eBook will simply run it through a software program to literally make it readable as an eBook, but this often results in a scattered and confusing layout. Readers who prefer eBooks do not want to work to find the text. The reading experience should be seamless and without visual distraction.

At Ross House we carefully format your book specifically for Kindle and other eBook readers—we don’t just run your book through a software program. In the process we retain as much of the print design as the digital format will allow, including effective use of photos and illustrations.

Fulfillment & Distribution (for Book Packages)

The Ross House Press currently sets up an individual CreateSpace account for any published book bearing the Ross House imprint. Currently we only offer soft-cover (paperback) print editions. The books are “print-on-demand” and are distributed to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. In addition, the books are available to independent booksellers worldwide through the CreateSpace’s expanded distribution network.

The eBook edition will likewise be distributed worldwide, including Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Once the production process is complete and the book is officially published and available for purchase, Ross House authors retain all of the publishing rights for their work. This means our authors may choose to alter the distribution options as they wish at any time. More importantly, while we will continue to advertise the title on our website for a minimum of one year, 100% of the royalty payments go directly to the author.


If you have a manuscript that you think might be a good fit for the Ross House Press, please send a query to Phil Rice at or leave a message at 412.953.4244

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