Nicholas P. Cafardi, Author






Priests Without People is a novel about cardinals, bishops, pastors, seminarians, lay people, and, yes, even popes trying to find their way to salvation in the turmoil resulting from the Second Vatican Council in the Catholic Church. (more)


Nicholas P. Cafardi is a well-known Catholic author whose works have appeared in America magazine, U.S. Catholic, Commonweal and the National Catholic Reporter.  His book, Before Dallas, has been called the definitive history of the child sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.  Priests Without People is his first work of fiction.


Selected Works by Nicholas P. Cafardi

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Before Dallas by Nicholas P. Cafardi is a Church-sensitive, well-documented description of the missed opportunities that the American bishops had, in the period 1985-1993, when the clergy child abuse crisis was first breaking, to take effective steps to stop the crisis dead in its tracks. (more)


Voting and Holiness (edited by Nicholas P. Cafardi, who is also a contributor) is a collection of fifteen essays by Catholic scholars and theologians responding to the exploitation of the Catholic conscience in U.S. political campaigns. (more)