Marc Charles, Author





The Death Among Brothers Trilogy

Historical Fiction Set in 17th Century Japan

In Book One, Hideki is a 17-year-old leading a nondescript life in the country when he and his brother are plucked from obscurity for consideration to replace the retiring shogun. On the trek to Edo he grows up fast as he is mentored by the best swordsman in the country and beset upon by ninja, gangsters, and crooked officials. Book Two finds Hideki on a swordsman’s pilgrimage to Nagasaki and a world seemingly turned upside down. Profit is king and bushido means little. A tengu is killing Kirishitans, a yellow-eyed demon is slaughtering Chinese temples, and whole villages are being carried away in the night. Bushido demands he take action; self-preservation demands he walk away. Hideki is torn, especially since he is concerned that killing is becoming too easy. In Book Three, sides are drawn. The old shogun has died and the succession is contested between the eldest son, a disfigured, stuttering homosexual and the younger good-looking son who flies into rages and kills retainers. When Hideki’s family decides who they support, an old enemy emerges and Hideki isn’t sure which side is more intent on killing him.


  Book One: A Samurai Comes of Age

  Book Two: The Kirishitan Problem 

  Book Three: The New Shogun (coming in 2019)


William Marcus Charles II (Marc) is the author of Simplified Self-defense for Women, published by the Marine Corps Association. He has been published in the Marine Corps Gazette and in the Ensign, a global monthly of the LDS Church.

Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Marc spent his formative years in Warren, Michigan. He graduated from boot camp in San Diego at nineteen and for the next twenty-four years wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor proudly until retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel of Marines.

He has served as an Infantry Rifle Company Executive and Commanding Officer; Company Commander in a Recruit Training Regiment; Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment USS Midway; Commanding Officer of Company C, Marine Security Guard Battalion; War Planner—US Naval Forces Central Command; and Executive Officer, Marine Barracks, Pearl Harbor. He is a graduate of the US Army Psychological Warfare Course, the US Army Infantry School, and the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

He  spent much of his military career in Asia where he studied martial arts. He is a Roku-dan (sixth degree black belt) in Okinawan Kenpo Karate and a Roku-dan in Kobudo (the weapons of Okinawa). He has trained in Aikido, Jujitsu, American Kenpo, Shorinryu, Judo and other lesser known styles. He has founded three martial arts schools in the United States.

Marc graduated with honors from Park College with a BS in Management and Finance and has an MBA from National University.

He currently resides in Encinitas, California, with his loving wife Sako.