Ross House Press

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The Ross House Press provides a full-range of publishing services, from manuscript proofreading to softcover book production.  We work on a per-contract basis tailored to meet each client’s needs, and working within a tight budget is one of our specialties. While we maintain a “no job is too small” attitude, the hallmark of Ross House is our customized book publishing imprint.

The Imprint

The Ross House Press is a unique imprint of Canopic Publishing. Our mission is to offer a professional option for authors who want control of the production and distribution of their work but don’t have the expertise for self-publishing.

We are open to any genre for The Ross House Press; however, because we are dedicated to maintaining a book imprint with a reputation for quality, the manuscript will still need to be vetted through our editorial staff for acceptance. If a title is accepted, we offer full book production services (both print and eBook) for less than the standard self-publishing sites or vanity presses.

Our books are custom-designed with an old-school creative approach, not simply plugged into a design template and run through a digitized process. In order to maintain complete focus on an accepted work, Ross House will never have more than two book in active production simultaneously. (“Active” means the title is in our hands. If an author requests extra time to refine or review the work, the title may be considered “inactive” until the author is ready to continue.)

The editor-in-chief for Ross House is Phil Rice, an editor and book designer with 30+ years experience in the business. Authors are in direct contact with Phil from the moment the manuscript is accepted until their book is officially published and available for purchase.

In addition to Phil, Ross House has a network of professional editors and book production artisans on call to provide talents and expertise to suit any project. If a book requires special insight beyond Phil’s experience, he will bring in a professional to make sure the book is properly edited.

This network includes Sarah Hasty Williams, Canopic Publishing’s artist-in-residence. Sarah is an internationally recognized artist who can provide customized illustrations and cover designs, and she is also available for consultation regarding artwork provided from other sources.

If you have a manuscript that you think might be a good fit for the Ross House Press, please send a query to Phil Rice at or leave a message at 412.953.4244

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