Canopic News 2015


December 27, 2015

Pleased to welcome two poems by Ruth Bavetta to the Generation Suite: “Grandmother’s Clock” and “The Day Time Stopped.”

Ruth Bavetta


December 24, 2015

Advance orders for Will Kern’s Ballet for Guys are now being taken. Books will be shipped during the first week of January 2016, with free shipping to all US addresses!



December 02, 2015

The Will Kern produced video series Billy Jim’s Guide to the Ballet continues to gain viewers and fans. Entertaining and informative, Billy Jim is five minutes a week worth spending.


November 18, 2015

Joan Leotta enlivens the Generation Suite with two excellent poems: “The Conversation” and “Dreaming across the Styx.”



November 15, 2015

The Generation Suite welcomes “First Communions,” a fine poem by Tim Pfau.

tim pfau


November 5, 2015

With the announcement that Will Kern‘s novel Ballet for Guys will be published by Canopic in January 2016 comes the launching of the web series “Billy Jim’s Guide to the Ballet.” This is going to be a great ride folks. Please do join us.

anil kumar  bjhauck2


October 24, 2015

Jeff Bumpus, author of Becoming Taz: Writing from the Southpaw Stance (Canopic 2014), was officially inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. Canopic’s Phil Rice and his son Paul journeyed to LA to attend the ceremony, as did Jeff’s son Mike and his mother Roxanne.

Also in attendance was Frank Baltazar, a writer whose popular stories appear in Canopic’s The Poetics of Prizefighting. Frank is a retired boxing trainer and manager and also a member of the CBHOF.

three amigos
L-R: Jeff Bumpus, Frank Baltazar, and Phil Rice


October 20, 2015

Anthony DiMatteo’s “Furious Journey” is a fine contribution to popular the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train.


October 17, 2015

Canopic Jar Suite: Generation welcomes poems by Clyde Kessler (“Lonzo Tealbrome) and Neil Silberblatt (“Instructions from My 94 Year Old Motherto get our latest theme under way.

clyde2014copyright     neil2


October 5, 2015

Excerpts from Pamela Mordecai’s book de Book of Mary have been added to her Featured Voice page. A performance poem in Jamaican dialect, we are proud to give a brief preview of this work.

de book


September 30, 2015

Pleased to welcome poet Alex Manthei as a Canopic Jar Featured Voice!

alex manthai


September 14, 2015

Canopic Jar Suite: Generation has already started drawing some fine submissions. The editors of CJ feel that this suite might travel in some interesting directions. More to come!


September 12, 2015

Bert Clere offers an essay discussing, among other things, the sense of home in the work of Bill Hicks. Read “Rough and Angry Love” in Canopic Jar Suite: Home Place.



August 27, 2015

Rethabile spotted “Subway Prayer” by Dena Simmons and was inspired to ask her to let the poem be included in Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train. Much to our pleasure she agreed.



August 16, 2015

They tell of they said they told” by Tennae Maki joins Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train. Very pleased to have this fine poem along for the ride.

Tennae Maki_photo (1)


July 31, 2015

Featured Voice Gleah Powers is a talented multi-media artist that brings a taste of her prose, poetry, and painting skills to Canopic Jar. We are very pleased to feature her work and grateful she considers CJ to be a suitable forum for her art. Thanks Gleah!

Newest Gleah Powers Site Photo2


July 17, 2015

Train journey” by Eleni Cay now adorns Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train.



July 9, 2015

When I was about 20, I had a conversation with my Dad while sitting on the back porch in Gatlinburg. This was a common occurrence in those days, and the nourishment I received is incalculable. On this day whatever problem I was setting at Dad’s feet led him to write this short essay in his then-developing handwritten manuscript for The View from Ridge and show it to me the next day. He nailed the moment, as usual.

Now, 35 years later, I find myself in discussion with my 21 yo son Paul. I recognize the theme, and I reach for my copy of Dad’s book and turn to “Waiting.” Marvelous.




May 30, 2015

Canopic Jar is pleased to announce the inclusion of poet Russell Ragsdale among the Featured Voices.

russell ragsdale


May 22, 2015

Joining the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train is Ron Riekki with “Belgium.”

train 2


May 20, 2015

We’re running out of clever train references to introduce the pieces, but the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train keeps chuggin’ along. Two well-crafted photos by Amélie Jumel are the latest addition.

amelie jumel


May 12, 2015

Proud to announce the publication of Waslap (Onslaught Press 2015) CJ editor Rethabile Masilo‘s second book of poetry. Rethabile’s poetry slips through geographical constraints and pulls it all together where it counts.



April 29, 2015

CJ editor Rethabile Masilo gives the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train a little personal touch with “Paris to Maryville.”



April 26, 2015

Metro short 3” and “Metro short 7,” two marvelous vignettes by Amruta Prabhu, are now included in the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train.



April 24, 2015

My Satchel” by Tammy Robacker is the latest a new addition to the Canopic Jar Suite: Home Place. Glad to be keeping that suite kicking.

tammy robacker


April 21, 2015

The Featured Voices section welcomes Nath Jones to its roster. Nath is the author of four collections of stories, the most recent being Acquainted with Squalor. Her writing reflects a keen awareness of prose style and demonstrates an old school work ethic. We’re quite pleased to have Ms. Jones on board



April 11, 2015

Canopic celebrated the publication of Recollections of My Father by Gene Kimmet with a reading and book signing at Read Between the Lynes bookstore in Woodstock, Il. Gene was joined by poets Diana Floress and Virginia Smith Rice, and Jeff Bumpus, author of Becoming Taz: Writing from the Southpaw Stance (Canopic 2014) made an appearance. A good time was had by all.

gene jeff


March 31, 2015

Aaron DeLee joins the Canopic Jar Featured Voices with four well-crafted poems, each with a photographic illustration. Some may recall Selfie: High Ridin’ WomanAaron’s contribution to the Canopic Jar Suite: High Ridin’ Woman. Canopic is proud to showcase the work of this talented poet.



March 28, 2015

The latest addition to the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train is the splendid Blue-eyed Sam and the Poorva Express by Jamie Samdahl.



February 29, 2015

Poet and novelist Joyce Ellen Davis is the latest addition to the Canopic Jar Featured Voices with an offering of five splendid poems. Rethabile Masilo gets the feature rolling with a virtual interview.



February 26, 2015

tracktracktrack,” an excellent conceptual piece by Floyd Cheung, joins the Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train.



February 24, 2015

The On the Train suite gets a boost with the addition of “A Canadian train” and “late Renaissance,” two fine pieces from CJ favorite Dawn Promislow.



February 05, 2015

Singer-songwriter and author Doug Hoekstra, long-time friend of Canopic and a frequent Canopic Jar contributor,  has recently published a volume of baseball stories called The Tenth Inning. This news comes on the heels of rumors concerning a possible 2nd edition of Doug’s award-winning Bothering the Coffee Drinkers (Canopic 2006). More on that as the story unfolds. Meanwhile, check out The Tenth Inning. It’s full of the crisp storytelling and fluent prose style Canopic readers have appreciated from Doug over the years.


February 02, 2015

R.E.R,” a marvelous photographic essay by Isabelle Granjon, further enhances Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train. Really enjoying the submissions for this suite. A fine mix of artists and genres, and, while we can’t accept everything, we do genuinely appreciate each submission. Keep that energy flowing!



January 31, 2015

Chelsea Cefalu‘s poem “La Bestia” is the latest addition to Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train. Take a look and enjoy the ride.



January 29, 2015

Recollections of My Father by Gene Kimmet is now available! This collection of finely crafted poetry was edited for Canopic by Virginia Smith Rice and boasts a cover design by Lindsey Fisher. We’re very proud of this little book — it’s a great way to get the year started.



January 15, 2015

Canopic Jar Suite: On the Train is off and running with a poem by Danielle Susi and photography by Guillermo Filice Castro. We’ve been getting fine submissions for the developing suite, and making the selections is difficult as our impulse is to be aesthetically inclusive, but running the work through three filters (Rethabile, Virginia, and Phil) gives us a democratic process that effectively keeps us in check. The bottomline is the sharing — your sharing with us and our sharing it with the collective you. Keep the submissions coming. We appreciate it.


Danielle Susi



Guillermo Filice Castro



January 8, 2015

Big congratulations to Jeff Bumpus, author of Becoming Taz: Writing from the Southpaw Stance (Canopic 2014), on his being selected for inclusion in the prestigious California Boxing Hall of Fame! Jeff’s memoir continues to attract high praise from literary circles and it’s good to see his boxing career getting some much-deserved recognition.

Cover lowres