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Canopic Publishing is a small, independent book publisher dedicated to preserving good storytelling, whether through poetry, prose, or other forms of artistic expression. We started in 2003 as the book imprint for Canopic Jar, an arts journal founded in 1986. Currently we have ten books in print with more scheduled for 2016.

Although we have an eclectic mix of genres among our current titles, we are at present only accepting queries for book-length personal narrative writing.

All inquiries may be directed to

Canopic Publishing
389 Lincoln Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098

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Canopic Publishing

Phil Rice, editor
Virginia Smith Rice, associate editor
Rethabile Masilo, associate editor
Leslie Keller, marketing & finance
Georges Stratan, graphic artist

Canopic Jar: An Arts Journal

Phil Rice, editor
Rethabile Masilo, editor
Virginia Smith Rice, associate editor

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