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The Onslaught Press (2018); 5.5″ x 8.5″; 98 pages


“At its core, Qoaling is a book about the body and movement: from Eden, to prison, and into exile. Masilo’s poetics move through death and loss while remaining attentive to the inviolability of language. He continually summons memory and yet disrupts the making of it, inviting the reader to bear witness even where witness has not always been possible. His writing traffics across the range of textures of the human experience, from the quotidian to the visceral. This book is an offering against forgetting.”

—TJ Dema


Rethabile Masilo blogs at Poéfrika and co-edits  Canopic Jar. He is a Mosotho poet with three poetry collections currently in print in addition to Qoaling: Letter to Country (Canopic, 2016), Things That Are Silent (Pindrop Press, 20012) and  Waslap (The Onslaught Press, 2015).