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Sightings from the Porch 

January 16, 2018

“A Beat too Far” 

Posting clips of my attempts at music can be tricky. Some of my musician friends seem offended that I would dare present myself publicly as a musician. So to those folks I would like to state with absolutely no false humility that I do not consider myself a musician. A music aficionado yes, a music historian (mid-twentieth century) yes, a musician no.

Still, I enjoy whittling around with music when I am alone or with friends, and especially with my son Paul (who is a true musician).  I can’t say, “Let’s get together and write some essays.” For me, writing is a solitary pursuit. But music offers a sense of community denied to the essayist. Playing and even writing music can be an opportunity to share a vibrant, creative, and intimate moment, and the moment is what matters. Plus, hanging out with my best bud is worth it no matter how bad my own musical contributions might be. See, it’s about love, and Paul gets it. So do others in my life. I’m blessed in that way.

This latest effort is a simple boogie based on a blues bass riff my brother Hal (another real musician) taught me in 1990. The lyrics are from a poem I scribbled in my poetry notebook circa 1989.  Literature? Nope. Just some lines I grabbed (but if you knew me in 1989, you might recognize the character). Personally I love reaching into my past to see the dots of my artistic growth — and if someone wants to judge it out of context, I’m honored they would even consider it worth judging at all.

Anyway, here is “A Beat too Far.” It takes itself less seriously than I do.