Gene Kimmet

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webcover(6 x 9, 80 pages)

Born in Lima, Ohio, a town with a long history of heavy industrial production, Kimmet draws from his memories of growing up during the Depression and World War II, focusing on the people and the mill-town setting which left an everlasting mark. The poetry is well crafted with a keen ear for rhythms and sounds, and the subject matter captures the innocence of youth filtered through the wisdom of the aging poet. Recollections of My Father presents its subjects expressively without venturing into emotional sentimentality. The collection stands as an intriguing read and an important poetic document to hand down among the generations.


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Selections from Recollections of My Father

■  Recollections of My Father

■  The Search

■  Hunting Pheasants in November Rain

■  Silent Night 

■  Letter to Miss McClurg

■  Accident in Broken Bow




Gene and Gloria Kimmet discuss Recollections of My Father with Canopic editor Virginia Smith Rice