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Canopic Publishing is a small, independent book publisher dedicated to preserving good storytelling, whether through poetry, prose, or other forms of artistic expression. We started in 2003 as the book imprint for Canopic Jar, an arts journal founded in 1986. Currently we have 14 books in print with more scheduled for 2018. With the advent of our Ross House Press imprint, the Canopic Publishing imprint itself is firmly focused on publishing literary memoirs and poetry collections. But what, in Canopic’s usage, is literary memoir? Publisher Phil Rice offers some thoughts in “On Canopic Publishing’s Concept of ‘Literary Memoir’” from his blog Sightings from the Porch, which concludes with the observation that for Canopic Publishing, “literary memoir” involves discovery and prose style. That is the start. The end is up to the artist and the audience.

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