Paul Teerlinck: Gallery of Songs



As a kid I loved to sing in the shower.  I actually loved the sound of my voice. The first song I remember memorizing and singing was “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” by Peter, Paul and Mary, an anti-war folk song. I loved that song. At the time (mid 60’s) I remember thinking that I needed to learn how to play the guitar cuz no one was going to listen to some dude just standing around and singing.

My parents bought me my first guitar for Christmas at age 12.  I started writing songs almost immediately. Being a depressed child, my songs for many years were very dark and I have actually thrown out everything that I wrote before age 18 because they were so depressing even I didn’t want to listen to them. Tough times. I’ve been writing songs ever since.

In 1989 I moved to Nashville because I envisioned myself as some hotshot songwriter who was going to put out his big country hit. I was delusional. My song writing really wasn’t that good and Nashville was a major reality check. I was writing songs that I didn’t like and trying to be someone I wasn’t. I took all my guitars and equipment to a music store in Nashville; traded it all in for a single classical guitar (and I don’t play classical guitar); said “If God wants me to play the guitar again, he’ll let me know;” and didn’t write a song for the next 11 years. I was very comfortable not playing or writing as it had become an unpleasant chore.

At age 49 I met Lori Elward, the music director at a Unity church (Interfaith Unity) in Mesa, Ariz.  We wanted to sing a song written by someone else and I accompanied our duet with the guitar. I started writing again almost immediately and have recorded four albums since. Right now I’m in the studio again and the fifth album is in the works.  Hope you enjoy the music.

—Paul Teerlinck