Mick Lee: Gallery #1



Magic Hands (Song for Woody): A song I wrote for one of my best friends, and mentor. Chris Wood. Woody was the first musician of any stature to take an interest in my music. He encouraged me, wrote and recorded with me, and took the tapes to Blackwell at Island. The idea was for Woody to decorate this song with flute, but sadly, not being very well organized in those days, to put it mildly, I never got it together, so I wound up having to decorate it myself. Ironically, my lead playing has been heavily influenced by a mutual friend, Paul Kossoff. The best I can say is that I put every bit of my heart and soul into recording this, and I like to think that both Woody and Koss would have dug it. I miss ’em both every day.

Talk to the Night: A mash up ~ three different versions of one of my ‘greatest misses.’ A song that’s very popular with audiences, but was only released on a CD in 2012. This illustrates how very fortunate I am to have played with some world class musicians, and my luck is still holding to this day!

Only a Matter of Time: Featuring Jim Litherland on electric guitar and drums. One of the finest British guitarists ever, right up there with Clapton and Mick Taylor. Mighty funky drummer too. Recorded in Hampstead, London 1979.




Mick Lee, born in NYC, moved to London (very reluctantly) as a teenager. He started learning to play guitar in his mom’s clothes cupboard, and learned the rudiments of the piano from his dad. Mick began singing and playing in bands at school, and the gods must have approved, because some of the world’s finest musicians appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, took him under their wing, and encouraged him to keep writing and performing his songs.

London was a hotbed of music, where Mick got to play, record and/or tour with with the world’s best — some obscure, some famous, some infamous; like Chris Wood of Traffic, Paul Kossoff of Free, Ric Grech of Blind Faith, Mick Taylor, Taj Mahal,  Lemmy, and The Moody Blues, to name just a few of the musicians he’s indebted to. Mick is now semi-retired, living in Asheville — North Carolina, an art, beer and music town if ever there was one!

A memoir of his life as a musician in London and the musicians and artists with whom he played is due to be published by Canopic Publishing in 2018.