Jumoke Verissimo

Symptoms I

In occident or orient it cannot be an accident
That the picture of death marches to those
Who are fed a plate of staged governance

Ask migrants battling the Mediterranean
Before hissing waves wrestle their bodies
With the allure of high wind, then a turtle

Ask those whom the sea receive at night
Stroking the sea’s bottoms in wait of a sanative
As mermaids swim to visit boat cabins

Of men who dream in the deep of the night
As ships tell riddles traded by crabs as norm
Riddles of nations cooking trust in cauldrons;
With stories trailing empathy at ocean bottoms

Ask those who run away from their racing hearts
If the answers of the land are wound to sea banks
If questioning the wind brings earthiness to land
For things we don’t know remain still, the unknown.


Jumoke Verissimo is the author of I am memory (Dada Books), and the recently published, The Birth of illusion (Fullpoint). For more info please visit JumokeVerissimo.com.