Jumoke Verissimo

Refugee Paradigms I


Dawn is familiar with departure
But men, women and children going
Into the refuge of strangers’ watch
Will always bring the skies to tears

Now those from the iris of dusk at dawn
Know dew dip tales to earth to spawn
Dreams of tongues seeking attention:
Of fallen leaves rendering wilted tales
To feet hurrying away to exile states
Whose waters frown once denied rest.


Tears, sweat, and rain conclude throes
Dusk is when dreams become condensate
As those whose land eat their umbilical
Become numbers, ghosts + war’s metaphors

Now those whose lands court the shock of dawn
Become pieces for lands in flight to pawn
The pensive graveyards wearing prose of lights
Or shadows cast on lids of fatigued exiles
Who sheltering dreams for birds in flight
Make dirges from yawning echoes of bats.


Jumoke Verissimo is the author of I am memory (Dada Books), and the recently published, The Birth of illusion (Fullpoint). For more info please visit JumokeVerissimo.com.