David Greenberger: Videos & Live Performances



From Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time (CD 2009 with Paul Cebar)
and A King in Milwaukee (Documentary 2010) 

dg band1

Selected Live Performances

1,2: David Greenberger and The Shaking Levis
3,4: David Greenberger and A Strong Dog
5,6: David Greenberger and Friends

 dg band1

photo by barbara

(photo by Barbara Price)


Born in 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, David Greenberger was raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1974 he moved to Boston to attend the Massachusetts College of Art. The Duplex Planet magazine, based on his conversations with nursing home residents, started as a periodical in 1979 and over the years evolved into a limitless forum unhindered by the constraints of media.

Encompassing recordingsperformancevisual art, and books, his work holds up a mirror to reveal that aging is not a broken version at the end of a life lived; it’s a continuum, a vital and up-to-date version of the self.