Evan Knight

goodbye colors

this moment of contentment,
please don’t remember it.

i think it best
we keep this happiness
free from photo albums and video tape,

that we move forever onward,
unburdened by back-then thoughts
where the present echoes
in sepia tones of
remember when,

that indefinable era
whose historians
work among memories of light
and the drift of a hundred
half-forgotten smiles,

all shimmering, all shining,
like wayward candles burning,

their color
the melancholy that spills from the cup
we lovingly fill.

evan photo


Evan Knight was born and raised in Western Nebraska, received his bachelor’s degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University, and then made his way across the Atlantic to try European life. Since settling in the Old World, he has completed an M.A. at New York University in Paris, cycled and run all over France and its neighboring countries, and become a regular at the different open mic nights in Paris.

Through the writing community in Paris, Evan has met many talented poets and writers, made great friends, and even managed to get some of his work into print. His first chapbook, Cosm, was published in June 2014 by Cactus Press in Montreal. More of his work can be found in print in The Bastille and Cellar Door, as well as the online journal Two Words For. After three years in Paris, Evan will be returning to the U.S. in October.