Pansy Maurer-Alvarez
Rapture Stripped of Confetti

I like this Byzantine red collision that ruins my nightly
gales, my high seas         It’s a signature of myself
It flows from a birthplace, a horoscope increasingly major
An imagined Roman afternoon green of sound
A universe inverted where strangers compose a race —
they beckon to me disguised as doves combing their feathers

My orientation takes a turn and urges daybreak
I enter the celebration of the red cloth, the poem’s brim
A tympani roll of thunder surprises winter’s unclasping
The arrival of snow shivers and splashes thick
A pinch of color is a slippery detail
The rest is a white emphasis modified by sparse genuine willing
Sensuousness is a bountiful, fluent perception —
the palest infancy, a figurative bell somewhere ragged

“Rapture Stripped of Confetti” is from In a Form of Suspension, 2014, (corrupt press 2014) 


Pansy Maurer-Alvarez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and emigrated to Switzerland in 1973. She began writing poetry as a teenager and completed eleven years of literary studies at universities in the US, Spain, and Switzerland. Upon moving to Paris in 1991, she abandoned plans for furthering her academic career in order to devote herself to poetry full time. Her poems have appeared throughout Europe and the States in such diverse publications as the TLS, Hanging Loose Magazine, LUNGFULL!, La Traductière, Rattapallax and Osiris. She has work in several anthologies, including Ladies Start Your Engines (Faber and Faber), Final de Entrega (Colectivo Ediciones) and Visiting Dr. Williams (University of Iowa Press). Her collections are: Dolores: The Alpine Years and When the Body Says It’s Leaving (both from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn); Lovers Eternally Nearing, a limited edition, fine press collaboration with the Swiss artist Walter Ehrismann, with German translations by Rudolf Bähler (Editions Thomas Howeg, Zurich); Ant-Small and Amorous, with French translations by Anne Talvaz (corrupt press, Paris) and In a Form of Suspension (corrupt press, Paris). She is a Contributing Editor for the British magazine Tears in the Fence and she curates the Poets Live reading series in Paris.