Alex Manthei


the ones who gather at the tops of buildings
to read the poetry of a friend standing next to them
thank you

praise the words that are emailed to you
and take the time to praise them back

thank the typos that you make

for all of language is a typo that tried to be more perfect

praise language
how it fails
praise the contours of that failure
is your craft

thank your craft for those who came before
and for those who are in the room with you now

praise them
praise them for their courage to write
praise them for their very human hearts
praise them
with these words
thank you

alex manthai

Alex Manthei edits Two Words For, an online literary arts publication at His work has appeared in The Belleville Park Pages, The Bastille, The Red Branch Journal, SLANG, Writer’s Block, and Paris Lit Up Magazine. He writes poetry, takes photos, and studies typography in London. For more info please visit