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Letter to Country by Rethabile Masilo is a poetry collection that blends together life experiences from a childhood in Lesotho and South Africa during a time of apartheid with adulthood in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee and beyond.  … (more)


front1Phil Rice’s Winter Sun: A Memoir of Love and Hospice is a personal narrative of what happens when cancer interrupts a middle age couple’s plans to marry and live out their years together  … (more)


BFG1lowBallet for Guys, a novel by Will Kern. Billy Jim Hauck is a good ol’ boy from San Antonio who loves fishing, guns, and Texas. When his wife leaves him for another man, he deals with it by sucking down beers, watching Fox News, and trolling leftist websites. Then one terrible evening his teenage daughter Jill, a gifted ballet student, is raped, and everything changes … (more)


webcoverIn Reflections of My Father, poet Gene Kimmet draws from his memories of growing up during the Depression and World War II, focusing on the people and the mill-town setting which left an everlasting mark.  (more)


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Becoming Taz: Writing from the Southpaw Stance is a memoir by pro boxer Jeff Bumpus about pursuing a dream — of enduring the struggles and learning how to assess the triumphs. His story is with the literate voice of a seasoned storyteller. (more)


The View From My Ridge is a collection of finely crafted essays, short stories, and vignettes by Charles E. Rice, an Episcopal priest and author whose writing captures the spirit and personality of the mid-twentieth century American South. (more)



Death Among Brothers, a novel by Marc Charles, opens in Japan, 1632. Hideki, one of the young descendants from the line of Tokugawa Ieyasu, dreams of being a great swordsman. (more)




Containing items of historical interest for military enthusiasts as well as bits of nostalgia that will appeal to general readers of Americana, Leatherneck Sea Stories by Dave Easton is an informal collection of personal essays on serving in the Marine Corps in the 1950s.  (more)



Doug Hoekstra is well-established as a singer-songwriter with a decidedly literary bent.  Bothering the Coffee Drinkers is a collection of stories culled from his experiences as a wandering troubadour.  (more)


Between the Bones by Mary Sue Koeppel is a structured and unified gathering of poems that speak of fresh wounds and ancient healing. (more)






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Canopic Publishing
is a small, independent book publisher dedicated to preserving good storytelling, whether through poetry, prose, or other forms of artistic expression. We started in 2003 as the book imprint for Canopic Jar, an arts journal founded in 1986. Currently we have ten books in print with more scheduled for 2016. Although we have an eclectic mix of genres among our current titles, we are at present only accepting queries for book-length personal narrative writing.