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Writings from the Porch 

January 9, 2018

An Untitled Poem Dated June, 1978

Below is a poem written when I was seventeen, about a month before I turned eighteen.  The poem demonstrates the age of its author, to be sure, but the poem also demonstrates that its young author has read poetry, at least a little bit. (I only mention that for my fellow students of poetry.) Further, it exudes an energy that I recognize in my life as a middle age man—though the energy is accompanied more by pain and frustration than when I was seventeen. When I jotted the lines in my poetry notebook in 1978 I was placing an innocent observation into an artistic expression. Today I read the poem and understand what I was observing from the vantage of experience. And the observation is more personal today, and will likely be still more personal tomorrow.

A young girl dressed in green
Decided to rest her life
In the back of a shoe
When asked why
She said with a smile
Don’t you worry
Cause I’ve done it all before

As she crawled into her shoe
And closed the door

At the pool, circa early summer
1978 (maybe summer 1977). Swim
trunks were uncool; cut-offs were
cool. I have no idea why.