Charles E. Rice

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The View from My Ridge


Those of us who knew Charles Rice as friend and priest give thanks for this renewal of old times not forgotten. Those who knew him not at all will exult in the wit and wisdom of a new associate, teacher and playmate.     —Will D. Campbell, author of Brother to a Dragonfly


The View from My Ridge is currently out of print but a 2nd edition is in the works. For more information or advance orders, please contact us at


The View From My Ridge is a collection of finely crafted essays, short stories, and vignettes by Charles E. Rice, a theologian and author whose writing offers a unique perspective on the spirit and personality of the mid-twentieth century American South.


Born in the John Ross House in Rossville, Georgia, Charles Rice lived most of his boyhood at the foot of Missionary Ridge on the Tennessee-Georgia state line. Steeped in Cherokee culture and Civil War history, this area becomes a central metaphor in Rice’s much-travelled life, a life touched by the Great Depression, tempered by World War II, and challenged by the revolutions that shaped postwar America. Through it all, Rice struggles to find an enduring truth greater than the shifting values of the society he so ably served.

About the Author:
Charles E. Rice served as both an ordained Methodist minister (1951-1958) and Episcopal Priest (1959-1986) during his storied career as a professional clergyman. His academic trail includes degrees from the University of Chattanooga, Emory University, Drew University, and special studies at the University of the South. He has had numerous essays and articles published in regional and national publications.