Sharing Page

This page is a place where the Canopic Jar editors  share work by artists that they encounter along the way. This may include classic works in public domain or fresh works recently published. All artists are properly identified, and, when pertinent, any sources are cited. Most pieces on this page have been previously published, and posting them here in no way implies that they are being “published” by Canopic Jar. It’s all about the sharing.


Margaret Atwood

• A Variation on the Word Sleep  

Amari Baraka

• Like Rousseau  

John Berryman

• A Strut for Roethke
The Ball Poem

Diann Blakely

• History

Gwendolyn Brooks

• The Bean Eaters 

Will D. Campbell

• The Children
• Elvis Presley as Redneck 

T’ao Ch’ien

Begging Food

William Cowper

• The Retired Cat

Lucille Clifton

• Cutting Greens

E. E. Cummings

• [plato told] 
[somewhere i have never travelled,...] 

Robert Creeley

• The Innocence 
• Water Music
 A Wicker Basket

Donald Hall

• Gold

Robert Hayden

• Frederick Douglass

Edwin Honig

• Now, My Usefulness Over
• Monuments

Gerard Manley Hopkins

• Inversnaid

Donald Justice

• Pantoum of the Great Depression

John Keats

 Ode on a Grecian Urn

Ted Kooser

 Flying at Night

Larry Levis

 In the City of Light
 Childhood Ideogram

Rethabile Masilo

My Father’s Killers 
• Grave
• Growing up in Appalachia

Claude McKay

 After the Winter 

Marianne Moore

 When I Buy Pictures

Pablo Neruda

 A Dog Has Died 

Frank O’Hara

• Why I Am Not a Painter 
• A Step Away from Them

Linda Pastan

• The Answering Machine 

Virginia Smith Rice

 [like a default, pre-programmed absence] 
 [the time i hold back]
 [city ringed with erased roads]
 [blonde and sad skeletons, whistle, whistle]
 [while in fingerjoint cells
xxxxxxxlie new virgins, a marguerite eye

Theodore Roethke

• In a Dark Time 

• Cuttings (later)
 The Geranium
 The Waking 
 The Pike
 The Storm  
 The Voice 
 Pickle Belt

Louis Simpson 

• After Midnight

Stephen Spender 

• What I Expected

William Stafford 

• Ask Me

Wallace Stevens 

• Debris of Life and Mind

Mark Strand 

Black Sea  
So You Say 
The Coming of Light
The Garden
• White

• Lines for Winter
• The Good Life 

The Hill
• Breath
• The Prediction

Tomas Tranströmer

• Madrigal

Jean Toomer 

• Storm Ending
• Her Lips Are Copper Wire

Margaret Walker 

• I want to Write

Robert Penn Warren

• Tell Me a Story

William Carlos Williams

• A Sort of a Song



Konstantin Korovin, "On the Road" (1885)

Konstantin Korovin, “On the Road” (1885)

"Skiffle" by Stuart Sutcliffe (c.1960)

“Skiffle” by Stuart Sutcliffe (c.1960)